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six AMI Construction dump trucks lined up in a parking lot




AMI Construction Inc has been providing hassle-free asphalt paving projects to Nashville and the surrounding Middle TN areas since 1995.  

Rusty McDonald is the Owner, President, and CEO of AMI. He stepped into the asphalt industry in 1995 when he saw an opportunity to meet a need for other businesses by providing all the services for building and maintaining quality parking lots. 

AMI started very small, with only two employees and slowly grew over time. The year 2019 was a turning point in the company's history. It was the year Rusty decided to embrace the company's growth and focus on maximizing AMI to its full potential. 

Since 2019, AMI has experienced tremendous growth. We went from around 30 employees to over 60 employees. We've tripled our revenue- even with the Covid year. 

AMI Construction is a family owned company. Rusty's son, Jack, joined AMI in 2022. Jack is the Vice President at AMI, and he has worked his way through each division to gain a thorough understanding of how AMI operates. 

At AMI, we are focused on glorifying God in the work that we do, providing outstanding customer satisfaction, and maintaining a safe, positive working environment. We also place a lot of emphasis on our top two values: safety and culture. We prioritize these values by enforcing our well-defined safety program at all times, and we host employee events every quarter. 


"Helping people experience richer and fuller lives by partnering with developers, contractors, and property managers to build and maintain quality properties, all to the glory of God."


At AMI, we have six core values that we strive to live by everyday. We believe that living these out have contributed to the success we have had, and we recognize our employees when we see them exemplifying these values. We also try to hire people based on these values, and believe that has helped contribute to the positive culture we have here at AMI. 


We approach everything with a competitive mindset. We want to beat deadlines; we want to come in under budget; we want to do the best work; we want to be the first choice. We're not in this to simply get it done; we want to win!


Since our inception in 1995, we've relied on repeat and referral business and that has fueled our growth. We do not have a sales team. Instead, we rely on our reputation for quality work and on our customers to be our most vocal marketing tool. We build long-term relationships with vendors, customers, competitors, and employees. 



AMI is positive, encouraging, high energy, team-minded, and family friendly. We respect our employee's family time and provide culture enrichment activities that includes not only our teammates, but our families as well. We also promote growth and education, so for anyone that wants to advance and take on more responsibility, the opportunity is here. 



At the end of the day, we don't care who was right or wrong, whether it be a customer, a co-worker, or a vendor, as long as we do the right thing.


Written job scopes do not limit us. As long as it coincides with safety, our morals, and the law, we will do whatever is necessary to meet or exceed expectations. We've jokingly said AMI stands for "Anything to Make an Impact," meaning there's no job too large or too small for anyone in our company to undertake. 



If we see it, then we own it. There's no turning a blind eye or ignoring something simply because it's inconvenient or "not that big of a deal." Everything is a big deal, and everything is the responsibility of everyone.  


man in hard hat and safety vest standing and laughing

We're better together.

We have a positive, encouraging, and family friendly team here at AMI. And we are always looking for more like-minded individuals to make our team even better. 

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