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We know just how difficult it can be for you to schedule & complete your projects, and we're here to make it simple.

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Our Team

Decades of Professional Experience. Hands-on and Hard-earned.


Rusty McDonald


When Rusty first entered into the asphalt industry in 1995, he saw an opportunity to meet a need for other businesses by providing all services for building and maintaining parking lots while making the execution of each project as simple and as painless as possible. His entrepreneurial spirit drives the vision of the company, but it’s his commitment to reliability and trustworthiness that determines the ultimate measurement of AMI’s success.


Finnegan DuBois


After retiring from the NFL and receiving his business degree, Finn joined AMI as a Site Analyst.  His "win" mentality is evident in his progression through the estimating department.  Upon arrival, Finn quickly mastered the SA role, then the estimating assistant role, and is now the lead estimator.  The best thing about Finn is that he not only wants to win for himself, he wants to win for AMI, and he wants to win for our customers.      


Ashley Cefalo


Ashley holds not only an accounting degree, but a mathematics as well.  She has been working in the construction industry for 7+ years and has experience in Accounting, Human Resources, and Operations Management.  Ashley directly manages payables, receivables, and customer billing, and enjoys the ever-changing atmosphere of the construction industry.  She's our "problem solver."


Chris Centeno

Base / Grading Foreman

Chris began his construction career when he was a junior in high school as a laborer and mild equipment operator.  Since then, he has graduated to the "big toys" and is a master excavator and grader and is experienced in estimating and project management.  Chris isn't just a leader; he's a do-er, and operates our heavy equipment with ease and finesse.  The most rewarding thing to Chris is seeing the progression of our work from day-to-day and start-to-finish. 


Saqueo Vasquez

General Superintendent

Since Saqueo joined AMI in 2001, he has proudly served in every division and performed every job in our company's operations sector.   His role has been General Superintendent since 2013, overseeing the entire Ops workforce and managing each and every project that we perform.  Saqueo's specialties are analyzing jobsites, engineering  solutions, executing project plans, and customer satisfaction.  


Jack McDonald


Jack is a second generation AMI employee and is working his way through each division at the company gaining a broad, yet thorough understanding of how our business operates.  After spending time on each crew learning their trades, he is applying that to site analyses, estimating, and business development.  Jack holds a Master's Degree in Business.  


Nancy Martin

Accounting Coordinator

Nancy supports AMI as our Accounting Coordinator, focusing on payables and collections. She has an extensive career in accounting, ensuring all AMI payables and receivables are accounted for.  Nancy communicates with our customers once the project has been complete and is the  "go-to" for anything payment related.  


Makani Sarellano

Concrete Foreman

Makani learned the trade of concrete from his father as a young man and over the last 20+ years, he has performed many large scale projects, including home and hotel foundations, to large concrete wall and warehouse slab projects.  The love of concrete is in his blood and he enjoys every aspect of this trade, from the physical to the mental, and you can tell it in the end product.


Cindi Baxter


 With 20+ years of Accounting, Human Resources, and Management experience, Cindi serves AMI by providing professional, timely interactions with customers, vendors, and our employees. She and her team manage payables, receivables, proposals, scheduling, and human resources.  Cindi has a passion for safety and is instrumental in AMI's strategic planning process.  If ever anyone was "Team AMI," it's Cindi.  


Desiree' Scott

Bid Coordinator 

Desiree' serves as the liasion for our customers with regards to proposals and scheduling.  She stays in constant contact with both our Ops team and our customers to ensure our work calendar is communicated and understood by all.  Desiree's background in property management gives her a unique perspective in that she knows how our work affects our customers, and she strives to limit their inconvenience.


Vince Papavero

Shop Foreman

Vincent leads AMI's service team and is responsible for maintaining our equipment as well as providing support to our Operations department.  He has over twenty years experience as a mechanic, the majority in diesel.  He enjoys construction because it is constantly growing and changing so there is always a new challenge to conquer.


Santiago Vasquez

Seal & Stripe Foreman

Santiago has been the workhorse of AMI for more than twenty years.  In that time, he has served in multiple roles within several divisions, but now leads the Sealcoating & Striping team. Santiago's no nonsense approach definitely serves AMI well, because it is his mission to complete the job perfectly and quickly, making all of our customers happy. 

Dale Harris

Special Projects Foreman

Dale manages AMI's "specialty" division and leads the execution of special and other large-scale projects.  He and his team specialize in electrical, HVAC, and building construction.  Dale has over 25 years in project management, with his most notable builds being Asurion and Bridgestone Tower.